Standardized mechanical properties

Low surface roughness

Low cost, fast production

Material selection


Limitation in geometries


Complex shapes 



Higher Price

Slower Production 



Production Of The Implants, 1) 3D Printing, 2) 5 Axis CNC Machine

Heat sinks

3D printed high performance heat sinks with very low CTE

Thermal management systems

Why Our Product?

- We offer high thermal conductivity which means a smaller sized device may provide faster cooling performance
- 3D printable powder, which means more advanced geometries and eco-friendly production technologies. These are essential to meet the market demand.


Who we are

AIP Tech high tech company specialized in 3D printing of metal and ceramic-based products. The global tendency of making smaller, faster, and more powerful electronics requires more intense cooling systems to avoid overheating of the devices. In this end, the cooling systems are considered one of the vital parts in electronic devices to ensure their reliable work. We have a unique solution addressed to this issue. We developed a new class of material with exceptionally high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion. One of the exceptional advantages of our new powder with high thermal conductivity is that the powder is 3D printable. Due to this outstanding property, our powder attracts considerable interest among companies such as EAS, Ericsson, EGIDE….


Design, modeling and prototyping laboratory

Next Generation Drones

Heat sinks in unmanned ground vehicles

Our production

On demand prototyping 3D printing or CNC of Implant

3D printed composites

Si >99%

SLM 3D printed Silicon article .


Ceramic-metal composite printed by SLM method


Ceramic - silicon composite printted by SLM methods


Molybdenium disiliside - silicon composite printed by SLM methods